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Welcome to OneChannel – a division of CADD Centre, which is a one-stop-solution-spot for all your software, hardware and technology requirements. Today technology is constantly evolving and it is vital that you stay abreast of the latest trends. As a result there is a constant need to upgrade and update to newer technology – be it software or hardware. Gone are the days when you were required to work with different vendors for your hardware and software needs – with OneChannel you will find all your solutions from one source. The good news doesn’t end there! We have the experience and expertise to customise the technology to suit your specific requirement. This means you no longer need to use the one-size-fits-all solutions available in the market for CAD and PLM. The core solutions offered by OneChannel include Software, Hardware, C Cube Certifications and Software Implementation. Which means we offer not just software, but also assist you in its implementation and training.

Software Solutions

At OneChannel you can obtain a whole range of software solutions. From software that you need on a day-to-day functional basis to specialised software like Autodesk – used in Building Information Modeling technology or the AutoCAD Design Suite Software. Check out OneChannel’s different user-friendly software packages - be it engineering design, project management software or support services – you will find the solutions you seek.

Our range of Software

Autodesk – AutoCAD, AutoCAD Design Suite, Building Design Suite and Navisworks (Desktop Subscription Available)
Bentley’s     Oracle Primavera     Microsoft Project     Ansys


Hardware services at OneChannel include high class custom built systems, 3D printers and innovative solutions based on industry trends. Some specialised hardware offerings include

  • ROWE i4 & i6 A0 – Two very efficient multifunctional printers that can also copy and scan with up to 6 automatic rolls.
  • Plasto 200/600 3D printer - affordable, easy to use 3D Printers - ideal for design and manufacturing companies.
  • EnvisionTEC - The number one choice for 3D Printers for Jewellery Making Industry due to its absolute precision.

CCube Certification

Competency Certification is a specialised offering by OneChannel which offers competency certification for individuals in various softwares and modules. The certifications are industry recognized standards and give individuals an edge in the job market.

Software Implementation

Software implementation is the critical part of any project. OneChannel undertakes software implementation using time-tested methodologies ensuring that every project stays on budget and within schedule. OneChannel as well offers training to the clients’ team to enable them to manage the most common issues that occur when implementing a software product.

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Fees and Financial Assistance

Know about the variety of initiatives taken by the CADD Centre to provide financial assistance to students to support their skill development. We work in alliance with SBI to provide financial aid to students and help them pursue and acquire new skills. For more details please visit your nearest CADD Centre.

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