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Mr S Karaiadiselvan,

Managing Director

CADD Centre, talks about the logic behind the design of Master Diploma programme, and how it will benefit students, in this interview. Excerpts:

When and why CADD Centre introduced Master Diploma programme? CADD Centre introduced Master Diploma programme in 2002. It was an idea whose time had just come – employers were looking for students who knew more than one engineering design software. No one software is comprehensive enough to meet all engineering design needs. Many employers use more than one CAD / CAE software to make their design. Competing CAD / CAE software co-exist in design houses. Therefore employers are keen in hiring people who can operate more than two or three products – it results in reduced manpower cost.

We were offering single-software courses till then. Realizing the need of the employers, we designed Master Diploma as a comprehensive training programme to help students master more number of design software that are grouped based on their relevance and application in the industry. The focus now is on the task, rather than on particular software.

Typically how many hours of teaching are involved? Around 400 hours of training – of which about 200 hours of training goes for theory classes and the rest for practical sessions. The student gets practical training and exposure to a minimum of 4 engineering design products, most of which come from the stable of different, often competing product companies.

How Master Diploma is received by students and employers? The response continues to be overwhelming, because the product meets a real need - employers are looking for engineers with multi CAD skills, and students give preference to learn multiple skills, which might also include project management.

In 2006, we trained about 1000 students in Master Diploma. However, the number of people joining Master Diploma has been gradually increasing. In 2014, we are expected to train over 10,000 students under this course that is made available in all engineering streams.

How is Master Diploma of CADD Centre different from similar programs offered by other institutes? CADD Centre is the pioneer, having launched the programme 12 years ago, after doing intensive market research. Others followed us later on. Our Master Diploma programmes are continuously upgraded and updated based on the changing needs of employers. Our courses are employer-focused and not software-focused. The course curriculum is developed in consultation with the industry and the user community - every master diploma programme meets the compelling need of particular groups of employers.

Still we get the software developers, whose software is part of a particular Master Diploma programme, train our instructors and make them expert operators.

What are the deliverables promised to the students who enroll in a Master Diploma programme? We assure students of the comprehensiveness of the Master Diploma course that in turn helps the students boost their chances of employment. Apart from training, we provide them reference guides, work books, project assistance and employment assistance.

Who are the typical customers of your Master Diploma programmes? The students pursuing third year and fourth year engineering will benefit from the course more, as they will be job ready by the time they complete their degree programmes.

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