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CADD Centre brings an amazing opportunity for all the colleges across the globe to make an excellent investment. Keeping in mind the demanding nature of the engineering discipline, it has become important for the students to stay updated about the technical advancements.

CADD Centre, therefore, is offering a 50% off on all its reference books on CAD and CAE. This can be a great chance for the institutes to stack-up their libraries to provide top- notch technical learning material giving them a substantial employability benefits.

Books that compliment the Needs

One of the primary concerns of any educational institute is to generate outstanding and highly skilled individuals. This can be achieved if they had all the necessary resources needed. CADD Centre, therefore, presents reference books that can give an extra dose to the students. These books are not only beneficial to the students, but they also add value to the institution’s profiles for providing world class reference guides to their students.

The CADD Library sets containing globally acclaimed reference books will help the future engineers to master their skills and grab the lucrative job opportunities across industries.

Empower the knowledge Arsenal with Library Book Packages

  • Basic Package
  • Mechanical Engineering Package
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering Package
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Package
  • Interior/ Architectural Package
  • Animation, Graphics and Fashion Design Package
  • Project Management Package
  • Industrial Design Package
  • Jewellery Design and Web Development Package

Key Points

  • Books are prepared only after thorough research meeting the corporate needs.
  • These powerful texts are referred by many engineers and Software Professionals globally.
  • The books are prepared by CADD Centre’s own Curriculum and Product Development team of engineers having industry experience.
  • These books are quite economical and meet international standards.

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Mechanical Engineering Package Number of Books: 21 Price : INR 21350 View Details
Civil & Architectural Engineering Package Number of Books: 18 Price : INR 19925 View Details
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Package Number of Books: 33 Price : INR 30700 View Details
Animation, Graphics & Fashion Design Package Number of Books: 19 Price : INR 16850 View Details
Project Management Package Number of Books: 29 Price : INR 16975 View Details
Industrial Design
Number of Books: 14 Price : INR 13500 View Details
Jewelry Design & Web Development Package Number of Books: 7 Price : INR 6750 View Details
Basic Package Number of Books: 3 Price : INR 1375 View Details
Interior Architecture & Design Package Number of Books: 2 Price : INR 4000 View Details

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