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Land Survey and Transportation Design

Land Surveying is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment using mathematics: chiefly geometry, trigonometry, regression analysis; physics; engineering; metrology, and programming languages.

Transportation Design is the geometric design of roads that aims at optimizing efficiency and safety of people and goods on the move; minimizing the transportation cost and damage to the environment, and enhancing 'livability'. It involves the design of ingress and egress of vehicles, study of traffic volumes and capacity analysis.

Role in Industries:

With CAD software, surveyors can streamline projects and evaluate multiple what-if scenarios. They can more easily weigh environmental constraints, aesthetic concerns, and construction costs. CAD helps surveyors to enrich the design process using visualization and simulation tools that give the stakeholders a better understanding of a site. In short, they can quickly and easily create, annotate, move, rotate and plot and generate land surveying drawings.

In transportation design, CAD is used to evaluate existing conditions of transportation infrastructure and generate data-rich proposals, design, and document.

Land Surveying and Transportation Design CAD Software Courses

CADD Centre offers training for land surveyors and transportation (road) designers in the following CAD softwares:

Entry-level Salary:

Upto Rs 3 lakh per year.


These are 30-hour programmes. Students pursuing diploma or degree courses in structural engineering can benefit from these courses. To know more, please download the Course Summary here.

Job Titles:

Upon completion of these courses, students can apply for the jobs of Structural Design Engineer / Structural Engineer / Structural Designer

Choose your own course combo using Build Your Combo module. For more details visit your nearest centre.

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Know about the variety of initiatives taken by the CADD Centre to provide financial assistance to students to support their skill development. We work in alliance with SBI to provide financial aid to students and help them pursue and acquire new skills. For more details please visit your nearest CADD Centre.

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