Imagineer 2018
Create your next-gen engineering design
and share it with us. Get noticed by
prospective employers. Get a chance to win
Have you dreamed of engineering a futuristic product? Or designing something truly innovative. If you have the passion, we give you the platform! Imagineer Contest 2018, is back for the four consecutive year and it comes in a bigger and more exciting avatar. This year, the challenge is open to all our students across the globe. Plus it comes with an additional level to make it even more exciting and competitive!
How to submit? You can directly post your sketches, CAD drawings - 2D or
3D, to our official Facebook page: Idea submissions will be open till November 15, 2018.
What can you create? Imagineer is open to innovative ideas in all engineering and product design disciplines. So no matter what your core area is, be it Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Automobile Aeronautical or Electrical - if you have a world-changing idea, we’re excited to hear about it. If it is a product that will benefit the society, environment or end customers in some unique way – that’s even better! How can you participate? Ideate a new product and translate your ideas into drawings or designs (or even prototypes). Scan your drawing or take a photograph of your prototype and upload it on our Facebook page.
Idea a new product
Translate to drawing
Upload in Facebook
You can use your favourite CAD tool for the design. Keep the source file safe - if your idea is shortlisted for the prize, you will be asked to share the source file. When you submit your designs, make sure you
also leave the following details about yourself:
  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Centre (Centre you belong to)
  • Software (Software used & short description of your project (within a couple of lines))
  • Contact details (phone/mobile number or email ID)
Imagineer Ebook
About the two levels
Level 1
  • Students start uploading their project images in FB: The image should be a “Photo Realistic Image” with actual materials/textures in suitable background environment.
  • Students can submit as many entries as they like.
  • Candidate selection is based on the higher Likes and Share. The most popular project will receive the "Most Loving Project Award".
  • Top 100 projects (Includes all streams) will be shortlisted by our experts based on the Innovation level, for Level 2.
  • The shortlisted candidates will be announced on 20th November.
  • Students may asked to submit the CAD file for the expert references
Level 2
  • Shortlisted students have to submit their Project Visualization Video.
  • The video should be of HQ MP4 file. The project video should be developed with ANY ONE of the below mentioned techniques, which will run for maximum of 15 seconds.
  • The presentation will be evaluated and based on that the Imagineer’18 Title Winner and Runners Up will be selected.
  • The final result will be announced on November'18.
  • All the projects selected for the Level 2 will be displayed in Imagineer’18 Project Portfolio Ebook. The Project Visualization Videos will be showcased in our YouTube channel.
Rules of the contest
  • The contest is open only for CADD Centre students.
  • No restriction on the number of entries. Students can submit as many entries as they like.
  • Students are expected to submit only the best of their projects.
  • Multiple images of a single project will not be considered, send the best one.
  • Mention your CADD Centre student ID along with your projects.
  • The best projects will be judged on creativity and popularity.
  • Likes, Shares and Comments will be counted from CADD Centre's official facebook page only.
  • Anyone known to be purchasing Likes/Shares/Comments for your projects will be disqualified immediately.
  • Submit only your own projects. Genuineness of your projects will be considered while shortlisting.
  • If any design software has been used, submit jpeg of rendered project file. Refrain from sending pictures taken from your phones / screenshots.
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