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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing or GD&T is an overarching symbolic language used in defining the geometry of mechanical parts. It comprises dimensions, symbols, definitions, rules, and conventions which illustrates the functional requirements of each feature of the design model. Precisely, GD & T is the exact language that helps mechanical engineers, fabricators, and designers to communicate regarding the design model.

Course Objectives

The course will help students and professionals understand the fundamentals of the GD&T language. It will guide them to comprehend Geometric Tolerancing and will assist them in becoming a certified GD&T associate.

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  • GD&T is an international language that provides precise specification and solitary interpretation to ensure correlation with global design models.
  • The datum features of GD & T provide extra tolerance.
  • It facilitates and simplifies gaging requirements.
  • It allows critical-to-function features of the mechanical parts.

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