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Dream Green 2015 - CADD Centre's Month-long Tree Planting Drive November 1 - 30, 2015

CADD Centre's tree planting drive is back this year. CADD Centre's Green Week, now Dream Green 2015, an annual tree planting drive during November, 2015 is part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. Thousands of employees, students representing 500 plus franchise outlets (includes its divisions - DreamZone, Livewire, Synergy) across the globe and a large number of their partner institutions across India are taking part in the drive to plant about 100,000 tree saplings during the drive.

CADD Centre will sponsor tree saplings and reimburse the cost to protect them. The trees will be planted in campuses of schools and colleges, plantable spaces in cities and towns.

Engineers make the world a better place to live. However, what preserve the planet and make it habitable are trees. Hence for CADD Centre, which skills engineers, tree planting becomes a natural choice of focus for its CSR. The tree planting drive is our earnest effort for conserving the ecology, anchor soil and maximize water supplies, and beautification of townships.

If you are a staff or student of CADD Centre and our partner institutions, do your bit. Grab this great volunteering opportunity.

Urban Tree Planting
DOs and DONTs

This fact sheet summarizes important tips and lessons learned from urban tree planting efforts from various sources.

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