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CATIA Kinematics

CATIA enables the creation of 3D parts, right from 3D sketches, composites, metals, or tooling parts for the definition of mechanical assemblies. The software brings in advanced technologies for mechanical surfacing and BIW. It provides a tool for the completion of product definition that includes functional tolerances and kinematics definition.

Course Objectives

The course of CATIA Kinematics will teach you on how to execute designing with the use of the existing assembly. Students will also learn about ways to simulate and examine the methods of clashes and perform kinematics analysis.

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  • CATIA Kinematics will allow the user to simulate the operation and analyze results of the mechanism.
  • It will help engineering staff in manufacturing industries to evaluate movement of complex mechanism.
  • The tool is famous for its feasibility, flexibility, functionality, and performance.
  • Detection of newly automated collision
  • CATIA can help in defining command laws on the mechanism and compute velocity and accelerations.

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