• Career counselor
  • Programcoordinator
  • Training coordinator

We are looking for a confident and enthusiastic candidate for the role of Placement Coordinator. The primary role of the candidate would be to quickly respond to prospects and advise students on suitable training programs offered at the organization.

Experience: 2 to 4 Years years


* Assist in planning and designing of the academic schedule

* Respond sensitively to all walk-in and telephonic inquiries

* Determine all placement requirements and assist students in receiving appropriate information.

* Organize and attend placement visits to monitor the progress of students, and deal effectively with any issues or concerns

* Assist brief meetings with students and staffs to understand their needs and wants from the organization

* Collaborate with program directors to administer all necessary and relevant changes

* Coordinate with Board members for conducting campus interviews

* Conduct orientation programs for students and ensure compliance with all organization regulations.

* Identify organizing, coordinating, and scheduling an interview with the companies looking for skilled candidates.

* Maintain detailed and accurate records of all the placement activities

Preferred Qualification

Any degree

Desire Skills

* Strong analytical, conceptual, and strategic planning skills

* Excellent managerial and supervisory skills

* Strong planning and problem-solving skills


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