• Sales
  • Clerical support
  • Communication skills

We are looking for an ambitious and passionate candidate for the role of Business Development Executive. The primary role will be to create and apply an effective sales strategy to promote and expand the organisation’s business.

Experience: 0 to 6 Years years


* Maintain good relationships with existing customers and clients

* Performing all the essential activities required to boost the sales of the company

* Conduct research to identify new markets trends and customer needs

* Keep records of sales, revenue, invoices, admissions, centres, etc.

* Keep track of day to day work and activities that will generate prospects base for the company

* Take marketing initiatives to increase brand awareness

* Develop strategies to retain existing partners and ensure they are satisfied with the company’s work

* Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market

* Look for possible locations where the company can successfully expand their business

* Responsible for performing marketing and communication activities in the respective regions

Preferred Qualification

Any degree

Desire Skills

* Proficiency in English

* Proficient in MS Office

* Market knowledge

* Communication and negotiation skills

* Strong planning and problem-solving skill


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