• counseling
  • career guidance
  • career instructor
  • career adviser
The major role is to ensure that business customers receive support and guidance as and when required

Experience: 0-6 years


·         Handle phone calls and face to face interactions with customers

·         Provide correct and complete information about the scope of the product

  • Identify and assess customer’s queries
  • Follow up to ensure that appropriate actions are taken on customer’s complaints
  • Convince customers to join us as our client/student
  • Elucidate customers with the scope of the industry
  • Build sustainable relationships and trust with clients and customers
  • Guide the candidate through the process of registration

·         Maintain the client’s data in a streamlined manner

·         Provide appropriate solutions and alternatives to customer’s complaints  within the time limit

·         Coordinating with the management, staff, and students for smooth operations 

·         Keep records of customer interactions and queries, process customer accounts and file documents systematically

·         Maintaining records and updating the database regularly

Preferred Qualification

Any degree


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