Synergy Launches Kaizen Training Programs for Management Students and Professionals

India’s fast growing project management training institute, Synergy School of Business Skills, which is a division of CADD Centre Training Services, is launching certification programmes on Kaizen Management System, a set of practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes, and management.

Synergy offers its Kaizen training programs in association with Kaizen Institute across its own centres in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi and Mumbai. Its flagship programs include:

Certified Kaizen Management System Administrator, is a six day intensive certification program for management students, Kaizen Application Program, a 5-day course for students of engineering and management studies, Certified Kaizen Practitioner, a ten-day course for engineers with the work experience of 3 years or more years in manufacturing, and Certified Kaizen Practitioner a 12-day course with live factory floor applications and demonstrations for senior and middle managers.

Talking about the growing relevance of Kaizen training for management students and professionals, Mr Karaiadi Selvan, Managing Director, Synergy said that while graduate management programs equip the student to excel at daily work management, Kaizen aims at improving business functions by providing students tools to question, improve and re-define the set ways. Kaizen programs can enable the management students to drive and manage organization wide continual Improvement and change management. He said that the Kaizen skills are in great demand in India from manufacturing to services sectors, besides government departments.

Synergy’s faculty are consultants and coaches to large, global organizations, who bring on board more than mere academic knowledge. “The courseware is rooted in current corporate reality, needs and practices. We provide unique combination of simulation (games), factory (Gemba) visits and cases presented by practising managers,” Mr Selvan said.

The three important modules of all Kaizen programs are: way of thinking using Kaizen paradigms (know-how); way of acting (do-how) based on the nuts and bolts of Lean management, and results - the visions, goals, and key performance indicators with respect to Kaizen and lean management. The curriculum of a typical Kaizen course include: evolution of Kaizen thinking, Kaizen principles, understanding the 3 MUs, 5S campaign, Just In Time, value stream mapping, cellular manufacturing, Kanban, total productive maintenance, autonomous maintenance, planned maintenance, total quality management , total service management, employee engagement, and change management.

Synergy also offers Master Diploma, Diploma, and Certificate courses on various aspects of project and project planning management using software tools such as Primavera, Microsoft Project. Synergy is established to design and deliver a strategic mix of business related skills to a host of organizations and managers to enable them to drive improvements in work processes and organizational goals.

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