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Imagine a world without engineers – it will be a world with no features, no conveniences. The cornerstone of the modern day world is both designed and created by the engineers of today, keeping in mind the challenges of tomorrow. All the design and creations of an engineer have lasting implications for generations to come. It is vital therefore to instill this sense of responsibility in the minds of budding engineers.

The environment has been facing severe threat because of over-exploitation it is in this context that the concept of sustainability has become popular in every sector. However it is critical for engineers to be aware and familiar with the concept of sustainability. It is very important that engineers at the design stage take preemptive steps to ensure that resource wastage is minimal.

CADD Centre is the link between the future engineers and the industry they will be catering to. CADD Centre's association with the student body places on it the task of instilling a sense of responsibility. CADD Centre is continuously striving to educate students in the aspects of sustainable design. The training provided at CADD Centre provides future engineers with various software tools; these tools enable the engineer to design smarter and better.

In order to pursue sustainable design, the engineers must find the point of intersection between the industry requirements and what technology is capable off. The courses offered by CADD Centre in various software tools enable the student to recognize the technology capabilities as well as the technological deficits. The absence of these software tools or technology will make the shift towards sustainable design next to impossible.

The knowledge gained at CADD Centre enables the engineer to visualize concepts as well. Apart from visualization the CADD Centre courses help in preparing 2D plans or Drawings and 3D models etc. The plans and models are vital to sustainable design as they help identify flaws in the design which can be corrected at the design stage itself.

CADD Centre inspires and equips students to contribute towards a better tomorrow!

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