Exploring the arena of CAD

The CADD Centre is one of the top names across the globe when it comes to Engineering and Architecture software development and training. The CADD is broadly classified into two: Companies that develop CAD/ CAM/ CAE software, and companies that utilize the CAD/ CAM /CAE in their production process.

Engineers and Architects are the people who basically use CAD/ CAM/CAE software. With rapid growth in technology, many manufacturing and industrial designs now heavily depend on the CAD software. CAD Software reached heights and recognition for their efficient and effective workflows in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Cartography, Fashion, Interior, and Landscaping.

The Booming CAD Market

CAD is a ground breaking technology and is expected to reach US$ 50.34 Billion by 2022. With increasing demand in automation across different end-use sectors, such as Automotive, Engineering, Energy and Utility, Telecom, Graphics, IT, Entertainment & Media and many other, encouraging adoption of engineering software worldwide.

The most dependent sector on CAD is the engineering sector, as engineering market is providing a highly competitive platform to the companies which, in turn are providing highly customized solutions to their customers. According to Design News, trends such as rising mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Devise) is creating a high demand for the engineering software to be of highest ease and accessibility for their usage.

The mechanical CAD market has outgrown as a result of hard work by the manufacturing companies. With recent trends in the technology, demand of high end products has taken a rise in the field of manufacturing. Process & Power and Civil Engineering represents large and long-term projects which are less volatile. The GIS/ Mapping is also experiencing an upspring. The rise in Civil Engineering is also caused due to advancements in infrastructures and their improvements.

With softwares taking leads among most of the industries, CAD market is also growing towards interior designs, fashion, animation & graphics, visual effects, 3D Modeling, and other creative design areas giving a new level to the fashion and design industry.

Other CADD Trends that are hitting the market:

According to Wallstreet: Online, the CAD Market is one of the largest and one of the most established software markets, which is highly dynamic and flourishing with time in new directions. The CAD market was worth approximately $19.98 billion in 2014 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% from 2015 to 2022.

CADD for Engineers

With rapid advancements in technology, major industries engaged in engineering services are preferring CADD softwares in to their everyday work. CADD provides software solutions across a variety of engineering branches from Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Construction, Geotechnical, to Designing and Animations.

Some of the top CADD softwares that are grabbing attractions of the major engineering industries are- AutoCAD, Revit, ANSYS SpaceClaim, AutoCAD, AutoTurn, etc. Thus, CADD softwares are ruling the industries all over the world and have brought dramatic changes in many firms by automating the process of the development life cycle for a product.

CADD Overseas Market

As indicated by the statistics of Transparent Market Research, the global engineering software market is divided into five key regions: Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, the Middle East and Africa. North America has dominated the overall market, having more than 38% share of the total revenue. This region is also expected to lead the market in the upcoming future due to increased acceptance of cloud based engineering software applications with market booming with tablets and smartphones.

With rapidly growing construction and automobile sectors, Asia Pacific is also expected to emerge as the fastest growing market for engineering software also causing an explosion of employment opportunities for the engineering candidates.

The CAD Software Market size estimate from the year 2012 to 2018 in US Billion Dollars

According to surveys carried out in regard of CAD Market, the global CAD market is likely to expect a huge rise in the near future with it expanding boundaries in Simulation, Product Data Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Concurrent Engineering and Building Information Modeling. Mobile and Tablet access to CAD softwares and having Advanced Real-Time Rendering and Visualization is making them more preferred than its competitors. The CAD software are also gaining prominent exposure due to features such as 3D printing, Big Data Applications, Augmented Virtual /Reality, and many more.