NDC for the designers in the making

NDC is a design contest organized by CADD Centre to identify the best student designer and reward them with the accolades he or she deserves. The competition is a creative stage for the technical performers to showcase their skills and expertise in the 3D/BIM design projects evaluated by the industry experts. The students put on their thinking caps to create the best design and exhibit their digital design skills on a challenging platform.

The panel from the specific industries judges the design on various aspects and selects the best to appreciate the talent, efficiency and uniqueness of the same. The competition motivates the students to be on a cutting edge and think out of the box. It’s an amazing stage to display every student’s innate abilities combined with the advanced technical knowledge to gain appreciation and be the winner. The students are encouraged by this event to be aware and abreast of the latest in their particular fields. They gain an insight to the outside world as well as to their specific stream of study.

Mechanical Engineering

CADD offers a challenging competition platform to ascertain the best student designer and award the winner with the deserved recognition. The competition is a resourceful juncture for the technical players to display their abilities in product designing by applying the principles of physics and material designing and acquire the know-how in the arena which is evaluated by the industry specialists.

Civil Engineering

CADD provides a creative platform for the emerging designer in the arena of 3D modelling and structural analysis. It is an excellent way to promote a healthy competition among the peers, kindle their hidden talents, raising their awareness levels and bringing an urge to come up with the best and outstanding design on a national platform.


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