Design to Participate and Win

International Design Competition is a platform open to students from Civil Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, Mechanical, Automobile, Industrial Production, and Product Design for displaying their talents in digital design skills. The competition has successfully been continuing for the last 5 years. The competition comprises of four rounds in the following order:

  • 1st Round: Design iQ questionnaire and concept design at their respective college.
  • 2nd Round: Live 3D Design test at the nearest CADD Centre.
  • 3rd Round: Regional Level – Design using SolidWorks ( Mechanical) & Revit/Aecosim (Civil) followed by Analysis test using ANSYS for Mechanical and Bentley STAAD.Pro for Civil.
  • 4th Round: International Grand Finals - Concept Sketching & Presentation for a given Topic.

The participants are given free training during the 2nd Round enabling them to move to the next level of competency. On the grand finale day the participants have to analyze and give the presentation in front of the juries, study and carry out a procedure which should match the report already submitted. The finalist is selected based on his performance in the test and the presentation.

The winner is awarded a cash prize of 1000 USD or equivalent along with a certificate and trophy (for the college). The winner is also given a lucrative job offer after the completion of the graduation. The runner-up is awarded a cash prize 500 USD or equivalent along with a certificate and trophy. 2nd Runner-up is awarded a cash prize 250 USD or equivalent along with a certificate and trophy. Each Regional level winner will be awarded Rs. 5000/100 USD. And Course voucher worth of Rs. 2000 will be provided to all participants along with participation certificates for the participants.

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